Lake Nasworthy, Texas

Lake Nasworthy in San Angelo, Texas is a very popular tourist destination for families and vacationers. When the winter months start to creep into the picture, there are some great deals to be had in Lake Nasworthy. The best time to visit Lake Nasworthy is between May and September, though the lake does tend to get crowded at this time. You can find great deals on camping during this time, and the best time to go fishing at Lake Nasworthy is in the fall as the water temperature rises. See more here.

When planning a trip to Lake Nasworthy in San Angelo, TX, you will need to take into account the availability of camping sites. There are several great sites that are available for rent and camping in Lake Nasworthy requires the use of some equipment to ensure you have a safe stay. Camping permits for Lake Nasworthy are available at the San Angelo National Guard armory. This armory is located near the lake’s western tip. Camping permits can also be purchased through the National Park Service. If you decide to purchase your camping permits from the National Park Service, you should know that most places will require you to show proof of camping of at least one other site that is listed with the NPS. Click here to read about San Angelo Convention & Visitors Bureau – Getting the Information You Need.

Campgrounds at Lake Nasworthy have a minimum of six camping spots available. These camping spots include: four designated camping sites, two fire rings, and a playground area. All campgrounds are staffed and most are wheelchair accessible. There are no bathrooms at any of the campgrounds, so be sure to bring along a restroom rental. Most campgrounds also have picnic areas and grills that are open year round.