Frequently Asked Bail Bondsman Questions

Is the 10% bail bondsman fee refundable?

No. The ten percent paid to a bail bondsman is for services – premium. Working as a bail bondsman involves taking risks. There are several things a bondsman can do to reduce the risks. Charging a non-refundable fee for risking his/her money to bail a defendant out of custody is one of them. The fee keeps them in business. Click here for facts about San Angelo, TX .

What can individuals do if they don’t have money for bail?

Many arrests come, unfortunately, and at an unexpected time, when an individual is financially struggling. Therefore, what can an individual who has no money for bail do? Such individuals can look for help from a bail bondsman. A bail bondsman might secure freedom for a defendant at a small fee of 10% of the posted bail. However, some states limit the operations of bail bondsmen. Click here to read about How to find the best bail bondsman.

Can an individual leave a state on a bail bond?

An individual can move freely after paying a bail bond using his/her own money. However, if a bail bondsman pays the bail, the case is different. If a defendant walks out of custody using the services of a bondsman, he/she may be limited to leave a state by contractual agreement. 

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