Bail Bondsman

Who is a bail bondsman?

Sometimes in life, unfortunate situations that call for arrest can happen. After the arrest and before trials, one might get the opportunity to be released on bond. Arrests happen without planning. Sometimes, they come up when one is experiencing financial challenges—as such, raising the bond can be bewildering. Learn more here.

Frequently, four ways can be used to release an individual after an arrest:

  • Using real estate as security in the court.
  • Posting money stated as a bond with the court.
  • Using the services of a bail bondsman, bail bond agency, or corporation.
  • Free releases especially for individuals with less intense crimes

A bail bondsman is an individual or agency that steps in for individuals who experience troubles raising the bond. They serve as security and guarantee money or property as surety for arrested individuals during the trial process. Learn more about 

Before a bail bondsman can help, he/she will need to know some important details about an arrested individual. Friends or loved ones of the arrested individual should, therefore, provide the arrested person’s exact location. They will also be needed to give the correct name of their loved one. Most important to note is the amount of bail posted.

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