Bail Bond Explained

Freedom Libertad Bail Bonds remains a dedicated legal company to help arrested individuals spend time with their families. This is facilitated by providing experienced and skills bondsmen. Hence, you get to settle the matter in court while away from the customer. But how do bail bonds work?  See more here.

How Bails Work

When you are arrested, you likely to have gone against the law. Typically, most people are charged with several accounts of criminal charges. You are hence held in custody when the case is inactive. Bails help individuals to be released while the case is ongoing. Typically, you get to walk free with the matters yet to be solved. See here for information about Facts About Bail Bond Legal Services.

Determining The Bail Amount

Bail bonds are random amounts that are often determined by the judge. However, the arresting officer delivers the report that leads to the affidavit. The judge reads it, checks the criminal background, and decides the bail amount. Sometimes, some people can be denied bonds. Hence spend time in custody until when the case is concluded. Other forms of discharging arrested individuals are;

  • Surety bond
  • Cash bail
  • Release on Own Recognizance

Whether you have been arrested or have a friend looking for bail bonds in San Angelo, TX, call you leading legal services company through (325) 659-2663.

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